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About Our Pediatric Dental Office – Aubrey, TX

Comfortable, Kid-Friendly Dentistry As It Should Be

Group of kids with healthy smiles thanks to pediatric dentistry

Here at WindHaven Pediatric Dentistry, our dental office is specifically designed with young patients in mind, and every team member is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for Aubrey’s most precious smiles. Come and experience the difference that we can make in your child’s dental health and overall well-being!


Father holding his laughing child

Many of our team members are parents too, so we understand just how challenging it can be to teach your child consistent, healthy oral habits. When issues do come up, you can rely on our team to be just as understanding, warm, and compassionate as when your child has a clean bill of health. We want everyone, even grownups, to feel welcome and comfortable here in our dental office!


Girl in dental chair giving thumbs up

To us, each patient’s trust is an important part of having a successful dental visit, and we accomplish this by creating a safe and kid-friendly environment. We do not double book our appointments because safety is a priority for us. We want to dedicate our attention to your child for that allotted appointment time to provide him/her the best experience possible.

Inviting & Fun

Child in dental chair smiling at dentist

At WindHaven Pediatric Dentistry, we are committed to giving kids a positive experience at each appointment. Our friendly, gentle team members will spend time to help your child feel at ease and to build trust. Then, throughout their appointment, we take opportunities to educate them about their dental health, so that they can learn to take responsibility and be proud of their own amazing smiles!

Quality Dental Care

Mother and young child in dental office

At Windhaven Pediatric Dentistry, we hold ourselves to extremely high standards throughout every stage of the treatment process. Your child’s smile is truly one-of-a-kind, and it deserves the best that modern oral healthcare has to offer, which is why our dental office features trusted clinical techniques and proven, high-quality restorative materials that have been shown to truly last.

Individualized and Conservative Dental Philosophy

Young boy practicing toothbrushing in dental chair

At our dental office, parents won’t have to worry about aggressive overselling or being guilted into accepting procedures that their child doesn’t really need. Our team strongly believes in transparency, which is why we’ll always explain our reasons for recommending certain services in depth. For us, conservative care and preserving healthy teeth is of utmost importance! We want your son or daughter’s smile to grow confidently while remaining strong, healthy, and as natural as possible.

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