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Restorative Dentistry – Aubrey, TX

We Rebuild Damaged Smiles

Mother giving child a piggy back ride after restorative dentistry

Even if you make sure your child keeps up healthy oral habits, their teeth can become damaged somehow. Whether through decay or injury, your loved one is bound to need some professional intervention to repair their smile at some point. That’s where Dr. Karrie Lee can make all the difference. Our caring team can replace broken or decayed tooth structure, enabling your child to use that tooth again for many years to come. Contact us to schedule their appointment today for restorative dentistry in Aubrey, TX!

Why Choose WindHaven Pediatric Dentistry for Restorative Dentistry?

  • Dental Insurance Accepted
  • Advanced Technology for More Accurate Diagnosis
  • Compassionate Dental Team

Mercury-free and BPA-free Fillings

Child's smile after restorative dentistry

At WindHaven Pediatric Dentistry, we want to provide the absolute best care for growing smiles in Aubrey and surrounding communities. Our team is proud to offer restorative options that are completely mercury-free and BPA- free.

For fillings, we offer composite resin, which combines resin and ceramic particles. This material bonds very well to enamel, provides better protection from future decay, and can be colored to match the shade of the tooth.

Nerve Treatments (Pulpotomies)

Child smiling after pulpotomy

If the cavity has already grown large, and is close to the nerve of the tooth, a “nerve treatment” may be necessary. Most parents think this procedure will be more uncomfortable for their child, however, this is not the case. Once your child is numb (just like for a filling), he/she doesn’t notice the difference in this procedure. In most cases, once a nerve treatment is needed for a tooth, a subsequent crown will be placed on that same tooth, to seal out any bacteria and continue to protect it.

Dental Crowns - Stainless steel and Zirconia

Closeup of child's smile with dental crown

When damage to a tooth is significant, we need to provide additional reinforcement through a dental crown. This restoration essentially replaces the entire top and side portions of the tooth.

If crowns are needed for the front teeth, we offer Zirconia (white) crowns for aesthetics.

If crowns are needed on the back baby molars, Stainless Steel Crowns (silver) are the gold standard due to its flexibility and strength. However, pending case selection by the Doctor, there may be instances where Zirconia (white) crowns can be chosen.

Tooth Extractions

Little girl with missing teeth after tooth extractions

There are times when extraction is the only or best treatment solution. Some of these times include the following:

  • Baby teeth have not come out on their own and are preventing the permanent teeth from erupting.
  • The cavity on a tooth has created an infection (abscess).
  • Tooth decay or an injury has left too little tooth structure to support a dental crown.
  • The patient’s smile is overcrowded and needs orthodontic treatment.

For this procedure, Dr. Karrie is sure to provide adequate numbing and has a gentle technique. However, if you know your child could benefit from a little bit of sedation, we have options such as “Laughing Gas” and “Sleepy Juice” to help your child be as comfortable as possible.


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After the removal of braces for teenagers, sometimes “white spots” can be seen on the front permanent teeth. To complete their smile, we offer ICON - a conservative treatment that is a great solution to removing those white spots. Pending case selection by the Doctor, the result will be a noticeably cosmetic improvement.

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