MiniSproutz Prevention Program

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Our MiniSproutz Prevention Program


Our MiniSproutz Program is a one-of-a-kind preventative program designed to help guide your baby’s oral development from Birth to Age 1!


Your pediatrician closely monitors your baby’s body growth during this crucial time, but who is monitoring your baby’s oral development?


Similar to interval well-visits with the Pediatrician, our MiniSproutz program is designed to monitor your baby’s oral development in 3 month intervals. For instance, we see babies at birth (newborn), then at 3 months old, 6 months old, 9 months old, and then 1 years old.


Between birth and age 1, many structures in the mouth contribute to how well your child is breathing, sleeping, eating/nursing, and later, speaking!


When your child turns 1 years old, your baby’s oral development will continue to be monitored during our dental wellness visits every 6 months.

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At every Minisproutz visit, we assess these 6 foundations of help for your baby :


Oral posture

Body posture

Dental development



If any of those are off-track at an early age, we make recommendations to get your baby back on track for oral development. This will help set the foundation of solid health, and help your child thrive!

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